Asteroid 2012 3D Android Review Galaxy Note 2 or S3 – Androidizen


Hi everyone. So, here’s a really great indy title. It’s called Asteroids 3D and as you might imagine it’s asteroids the game classic of old. But up-to-date,beautiful 3D graphics. Gorgeous game play and really an absolutely stunning title for an independent. You basically have to navigate your ship through the 3D space, shooting down as many asteroids as you can building up points, highest score. It is literally asteroids in 3D and it’s been done beautifully. I know a few people have had a crack at this over the years in various incarnations thereof but this is just beautifully done really really enjoyed playing it. The thing that I find most interesting about this game is for an independent title quite how fast the graphics are. I mean, playing it here on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and you can see it just looks fantastic and the frame rate is spot on.

It’s currently on sale as well for a couple more weeks I think, until the end of January so you can pick this title up for under a quid right now, making it one of those must have titles you want to pop onto your device. Really, really good fun Now, where’s that asteroid gone? Aargh! It’s behind me!.