Real Life Minecraft


(BANG) – Dude! – Does no one ever knock?! You are NOT going to believe this! (Markiplier giggles) This is going to blow your mind! – Wow dude! -I know! Whoa! Dollar store glasses. My mind is blown. (tiny boom) You don’t get it! Try them on. (click) Whoa… So this is what you came to gloat about: virtual reality glasses. -Not virtual reality…(whispers) REALITY… -What? What the heck?! That’s some devil magic! I know, right?! OH! This is so cool. Dude, where’d you get those? At the dollar store. Now, we see what these bad boys can do! (click) (laughs) Ooo! (tap) (click) Oh… They must have been in creative mode. (awkward laugh) I’ll…change that right… What — hey! Check this out. Huh? Yeah? – Nice! – Right? (ding!) Don’t wink at me.

– Don’t ever wink at me. – Yeah, it felt weird. It — it felt weird. (click) (whimpers) Oh, the blocks! – OH, THE BLOCKS! – Wait, what–what’d you see?! Hang on, dude. Wait, whoa, whoa wait a minute, dude, I have an idea. Give me those. (click) I have the BEST idea. Whoa, whoa! I don’t have any armor! (triumphant yell) (smack) Oof… (gleeful laugh) (click) (tense music) (pants) (click) I need you to make this…

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